How many parents have asked themselves this question when it came time to enroll their child in school?

In Alberta, it is possible to learn French in the classroom through three different study programs. École francophone, the French immersion program and French as a second language courses.

Parents ask themselves a lot of questions about the future of their child.

  • Does the French-language school allow our child to learn English at a level that allows him to succeed in life?
  • Because he attends the French-language school, will my child be able to speak and write quality English?
  • If at home, one of the two parents does not speak French, will this parent be able to help with the homework?
  • Why do some French schools not allow the teaching of English before the 3rd year?
  • As an immigrant to Canada, do we have the right to French schools?
  • If our child attends the French school, will he be able to continue his post-secondary studies in English?


This workshop is part of the pan-Canadian project La francosphère de la petite enfance.

Francophone school VS Immersion school