Mission, Vision, Mandate

The Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta (FPFA) had its beginnings in 1986, the result of an initiative by several parents who had the francophonie and the welfare of their children at heart. Actually, it was at the Congrès de la francophonie held in Edmonton that FPFA was inaugurated as the primary organization responsible for supporting parents desire for a French first language education for their children.

FPFA’s mission is to connect, challenge and consult parents, members and partners in the implementation of strategies aimed at increasing access to French programs and services, from pregnancy through to postsecondary level.

Parents are supported in their role as the primary educators of their children. They actively participate in the establishment of educational and community opportunities that promote the complete linguistic, cultural and identity development of their children.


  • Foster the concept of the parent as primary educator
  • Promote the rights of parents
  • Represent parents
  • Represent member associations
  • Act as the parents’ official spokesgroup before government and community associations
  • Help parents actively participate as leaders and key players in matters affecting their children from pregnancy to postsecondary

As guiding principles, the values pursued by FPFA orient our individual behavior and actions. Our shared values are put into action by all on a daily basis.

At the Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta, it is essential that all team members demonstrate openness. In fact, our work environment is constantly changing and multicultural. Thanks to the openness of our team members, successful dialogue takes place thus helping us better understand and represent all parents.

Team work:
For our members, the feeling of being part of a larger community stands as a core value. This sense of belonging helps identify and maximize our common strengths, fosters a better understanding and reduces our organization’s weaknesses. Team spirit prevails at FPFA. It makes for stronger analysis, more effective listening and gives rise to new questions in support of francophone parents.

By bringing parents and children into a French-speaking environment, we assist parents in developing a responsible, sensible approach for fostering education in French for their children. Whether through workshops or by providing countless resources, the development and empowerment of parents are important core values for FPFA.

Our organization’s culture is based on a strong sense of belonging, collaboration, help, support and community spirit. Whether through workshops or by providing resources, the development and empowerment of parents is very important value for us.

As an organization, FPFA is easily accessible to its members and easily available to support parents in their efforts. Always authentic and available, the vast majority of our members are francophone parents themselves. In addition, our relationship with members is highly personal, uses a case-by-case approach as the preferred means of working with families, and transparency is always favored.


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