Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Since 2011, each year a prize has been awarded to an educator who has stood out in the early childhood field during the Network between helpers in early February.

The first years of the life of the children being crucial, the educators occupy a very important place in the life of his children.

The award honours exceptional and innovative early childhood educators who excel in the art of fostering the development and socialization of young children in their care and in the art of helping children acquire the foundational skills of which they will need in their lifetime.

The 2017 Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education was presented to Isabelle Gagnon, preschool educator at École enfantine Preschool of Edmonton.

Awards History

2017 – Isabelle Gagnon – École enfantine Preschool – Edmonton

2016 –

2015 –

2014 – Aline Beaudoin – École enfantine Preschool – St-Paul