Bienvenue Bébé!

Bienvenue Bébé! is a program for new Francophone or multilingual parents who are committed to integrating the French language into their child’s life.

It is for this purpose that the FPFA has developed two kits. The first kit is for children aged 0 to 18 months and the second kit is for children 18 months to 3 years old. These kits contain practical gifts for new parents and fun and educational gifts for the child.

You will also find information on Francophone services in Alberta. There are also resources to help integrate French into the lives of multilingual families.

The FPFA wishes to support Francophone families in transmitting the French language to their children by accompanying them from birth. This is why you will find resources on identity building, a booklet that answers the most frequently asked questions on language transmission and school, and many other resources that will help you integrate French into your daily life even if your spouse does not speak the language of Molière.

Please note that only one kit is provided per family and are only available to families residing in Alberta.

The contents of the kit change regularly. You will not receive the exact kit shown in the photo.

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