What is a preschool?

A preschool is an educational program for children aged 3 to 5 years old and is run by a parent society composed of parent volunteers. It is a living environment: a place of discovery, development and physical, intellectual, emotional and social learning. The preschool is meant to complement the family environment.

By attending preschool, the child prepares for school by :

  • Building emotional security with more children of the same age
  • Learning to fit in with children of the same age – building their status in the group
  • Getting used to living in a school-like environment

The preschool program focuses on the child’s overall development, democratic intervention and educational continuity. Alberta’s preschools follow the government’s Flight – Play, Participation, Possibilities curriculum.

Like kindergarten, preschool is not mandatory. It is up to families to decide whether or not to enrol their child. Families who choose to have their child in preschool can choose between a full-day or half-day program, depending on what their school offers. If a full-day program is offered at their school, parents may choose to enrol their child in preschool for half a day, and in child care for the other half of the day.

Preschools are governed by the Child Care Licensing Regulation of Alberta Human Services and must comply with the regulations that will apply.

Why send your child to preschool?

  • The preschool is located on the premises of the French school in the community. This means that the child is regularly at the school to go to the preschool class. They will feel more confident when they enter kindergarten.
  • Preschool allows the child to discover what life in society is all about.
  • The child participates in educational games designed specifically for the preschooler.
  • The child makes friends and socializes.
  • Preschool gives the child the opportunity and desire to express himself with the right words and to learn new vocabulary which will help in learning to read.
  • It is also an opportunity to develop an identity and a sense of belonging to the Francophone world.
  • It is also a springboard that facilitates the transition to kindergarten in French.

Can we enrol our child in a French Preschool?

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