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Guide for the operation and management of preschool services in Alberta

This guide was developed by FPFA. It is a tool to support parent preschool committees and francophone daycares across Alberta.

It also serves for the implementation of playschools and daycares, the consolidation of school services and to gain a better understanding of the structure of services in Alberta.

The guide is the result of a collaborative effort among several key partners, including Canadian Heritage’s financial contribution and the Federation of Parents of British Columbia that agreed to share its expertise.

Francophone Preschool Programs in Alberta

To ensure quality and consistency in the operation and management of preschools in the province, FPFA established the French-language preschool program in Alberta.

The program purpose is to enable the child to live and learn, through play, experiences related to language, French culture and cultural identity. The program includes developing autonomy, a sense of responsibility, self-esteem, creativity and fine and gross motor skills.

It also aims to support the parent as the primary educator of the child, taking into account the characteristics of the living environment of the family and what is specific to Francophone minority communities in terms of language, identity and culture.

Also, several learning areas are covered by the program, such as “communication and French first language” and “cultural affirmation and identity formation.”


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