What do you mean by conversations?

Conversation workshops are very popular with parents. Parents have a lot to share with each other: they all face the same challenges, the same successes in a wide variety of situations their children experience at school or at home.

In a conversation workshop, parents meet to engage in conversation over a specific theme or group of themes. This allows them to share their experiences and hear the solutions that have worked for other families.

The first series of conversations took place during the 2017 Colloque and was a great success with the parents who attended.

We can help you organize a conversation in your community by providing a facilitator, and information and resources. From your end, all you need to handle is organizing the details of the evening (date/time, location, refreshments, etc.) and informing your parents (via school bags, the school website, bulletin boards, during the evening bulletin, etc.).


Step 1 - Choose the topic of conversation

To choose a topic, we recommend consulting with the school council and parents through a survey. The aim of these workshops is to meet the needs of the greatest number of parents.

Keep in mind that most conversations are offered only in French.


Why the French-speaking school?
What are the differences with immersion schools? There are a lot of non-eligible parents in francophone schools, why?

I want my child to speak French. How can I help?
This session will be held in English and is destined to provide parents who do not speak French, ways they can help their child develop their French language skills. As a non-French speaking parent you don’t need to learn the language to support your child’s language acquisition. This session will address parents concerns and provide resources and supports.

Step 2 - Organize the details of the event

Your role is to organize the evening during which the conversation workshop will take place.

You need to choose:

  • the date,
  • the time,
  • the room,
  • the snacks,
  • the day care option (according to your needs).
Step 3 - Contact us

When you have found the topic of conversation that interests a large number of parents, you can then contact the FPFA.

You must complete the form below and the FPFA will respond to you as soon as possible to confirm that a speaker will be available on the date chosen, and to discuss expectations and answer your questions.


I want to book a workshop


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