The Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta runs workshops aimed at improving parenting skills.

These workshops make it possible to further explore the diversity of parents as well as their specific needs in order to be able to respond to their interests, while maintaining the offer of practical tools to support the parent in his role of primary educator. In addition, these workshops are an opportunity for parents to have access to a certain networking context, which promotes exchanges as well as the sharing of experiences.

Most of our workshops are in French. However, we do offer two workshops in English as you can see below.

If you would like us to host one of these workshops at your school, you can contact us at 780-468-6934 or

Step 1 - Choose the subject

I want my child to speak French. How can I help?

This session will be held in English and is destined to provide parents who do not speak French, ways they can help their child develop their French language skills. As a non-French speaking parent you don’t need to learn the language to support your child’s language acquisition. This session will address parents concerns and provide resources and supports.


Francophone school or Immersion school: what is best for my child?

What is the difference between French language school and immersion? A discussion session on all the education choices for your child. Will my child be ready for school when the time comes? What can I do to make sure he’s ready.


L’alimentation saine et équilibrée (in French only)

J’aimerais en savoir plus au sujet des bonnes habitudes alimentaires et comment impliquer mon enfant dans son apprentissage.


Apprentissage par le jeu (in French only)

Je croyais que les enfants pouvaient s’amuser tous seuls. Est-ce important que je m’implique dans leur jeu ? Certains jouets nous coutent les yeux de la tête, mais les enfants le mettent de côté rapidement. Les participants de cet atelier apprendront tout en s’amusant, comment utiliser les matériaux de recyclage pour créer des activités éducatives.


Faire vivre le conte (in French only)

Comment et quand présenter la lecture à mon enfant? Comment choisir des livres appropriés et adapter aux intérêts et niveaux d’attention de mon enfant. Devrais-je lire en anglais? Où puis-je trouver des livres en français ? Comment créer l’émerveillement littéraire chez mon enfant.


Je bouge avec mon enfant (in French only)

Les participants seront animés dans des petites activités physiques à faire enfants/parents et partiront avec un répertoire à refaire en famille.

Step 2 - Organize the evening

Your role is to organize the event.

You need to choose:

  • the date,
  • the time,
  • the room,
  • the snacks,
  • the day care option (according to your needs).
Step 3 - Contact us

When you have found the topic that interests most parents at your school, you can then contact us.

You must complete the form below and someone will respond as soon as possible to confirm that the speaker will be available on the date chosen, to talk about expectations and to answer your questions.


I want to book a workshop

Did you know that we offer workshops for parents online?

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