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To ensure that bilingualism is acquired at an early age by francophone children, it is important to integrate the French language in their daily lives as soon as possible. Choosing activities and services in French (daycare, babysitter, playgroup, nursery, etc.) contributes to the construction of a francophone identity for children. It also allows children to enrich their vocabulary, better express themselves and include French in their routines.

It is generally not easy for francophone parents to find institutions where their young children can attend (preschools, day care centres, specialized centres, etc.), since they live in an overwhelmingly English-speaking environment. With this reality in mind, FPFA provides its members with lists that allow parents to easier access to community resources without having to conduct time consuming and inefficient research.

Find below a comprehensive listing of collective daycare centres in Alberta.

Institut Guy-Lacombe de la famille

Established in 1998 by FPFA, l’Institut Guy Lacombe de la famille is a parent link centre recognized and funded by the province and brings support to francophone families.

The Institute has an extensive library where families can borrow resources in French (books, CDs, DVDs, toys …)

La Cité francophone – Bureau 114
8627, rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury
Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Phone: 780 468-4882

Société de la petite enfance et de la famille du Sud de l’Alberta

The Society provides support, resources, activities and workshops in health, education and welfare for francophone families in the community.

Moreover, the Society offers:

  • Activities for children and families, for example story hours, arts and crafts, outings and activities for you to play together.
  • Opportunities to gather with family, share, laugh, read, talk, listen, and play in French in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Parent workshops on self-esteem, preparation for kindergarten, effective family communication, stress management, positive discipline, first aid etc., based on family needs.

Office 130, 4800 Richard Road S.W.
Calgary, AB T3E 6L1
Phone: 403 249-0525



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